Dreams Come True - Brandi Rea
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Dreams Come True

I Am A Dreamer. Ever Since I Was A Little Girl I Created These Amazing Fantasies And Dreams In My Head. Wanting To Change The World, For My Sweet Jesus. I Remember Being 10 And Writing All About It.. In Fact I Still Have My Kid Journal With Proof Of It. Ha

But Somewhere Along The Way Life Happened. Although My Dreams Are Still There, I Always Think Eh, It’s Just Dreams That Will Never Come True. Or I Find Myself Saying; “I Have To Overcome This First In Order To Get There. I Have To Perfect This, To Do That. I’ll Just Leave That For Someone Else, They Can Probably Do It Better Anyway.. Who Am I And What Do I Know, I’m Not Smart Enough, Good Enough, Capable Enough, Wise Enough” And The List Goes On…

Ever Have Thoughts Like That?! Well, You’re Not Alone. We Are Simply Human.. Oftentimes, We Are Our Own Worst Critic And We Allow Those Thoughts To Hold Us Back, Leaving Us Stagnant. Wanting To Call It Quits And Give Up. But My Sweet Jesus Has Been Showing Me A Lot Of Things Lately.. He Spoke To Me Through Prov 19:21

“Many Are The Plans In A Person’s Heart, But It Is The LORD’s Purpose That Prevails”

This Verse Tells Me; God Is Still Able To Accomplish Anything In My Life, As Long As I Stay Open To His Movement/Leading. There Are Many Things God Wants To Accomplish In Your Life As Well, They Are Just Waiting To Prevail.
So, I’ve Been Asking Myself.. What Is Holding Me Back? What Got In The Way? And If I’m Being Honest, A Lot Of It Is Based On Fear.

God Doesn’t Meet You, Me, At Perfection And Completion. He’s Not Waiting To Use You Once He Feels That You’re Finally “Perfected” He Meets Us Wherever We Are In Our Process, But In Order For Him To Meet Us, So We Can Then Move Forward In The Promise He Desires For Us To Obtain, He Has To Show Us The Areas In Our Life That Has Fogged Up Our View And Clouded Our Perspective And We Must Acknowledge It And Work On The Area That’s Making Us Stop In Our Tracks.

I’m Not Sure About You, But I’m Tired Of Brushing Off My Dreams And The Things I’ve Quit Due To Fear, Or Feeling Inadequate. I’m Realizing That Even Though My Efforts (Or Lack There Of) Fail, His Never Do!

Those Passions And Desires Are There Inside You For A Purpose… Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams, Because What He’s Already Purposed For My Life And Yours Will Still Prevail, In Due Season.! Just Because It Looks Like It Didn’t Work Out The First Time, Or You Feel To Old (Talking To Myself Here Ahhh) Or Whatever It Is That’s Holding You Back… Just Means Something Got In The Way, And You Have To Recognize That And Work Through It With Him, But Don’t Leave It… Try Picking It Back Up, Dream Again! I Love This Quote I Read The Other Day, “When Our Tiniest Efforts Meet God’s Supernatural Grace, We Begin To Experience The Blessing Of God’s Plans Prevailing In Our Lives.”

God Wants To Accomplish His Will Through Your Life, Will You Let Him?
Easier Said Then Done, I Know. I’m Speaking To Myself Here, But What If We Started Believing In Ourself? Believing That God Can Actually Work Through Us! He’s Never Going To Call You To Something That He, Himself, Won’t Be In First, Giving You The Strength To Accomplish It!

Look At Moses, Look At Easter, Nehemiah, David.. All Throughout The Bible There Are Stories Unveiling Gods Work In A Weak, Not Fully Adequate, Lack In Speaking Ability, One Who Doesn’t Have It All Together Type Person, But They Each Share One Thing In Common, They Allowed Themselves To Be A Vessel. Stepping Out In The Midst Of Their Fear, And By Allowing Him And His Empowering Within Them, They Changed The World! I Don’t Know About You, But Man, That Sure Motivates Me And Gets Me Excited! So, Let’s Let Him Use Us!!! Dream, Step Out, Do It Afraid, And Watch Him Work! 🙂 He Makes The Impossible Possible. How Big Is Your God Again?! Thats What I Thought! 😉

Galatians 6:9, “Let Us Not Become Weary In Doing Good‚ For At The Proper Time We Will Reap A Harvest If We Do Not Give Up.”