HelloGoodbye - Brandi Rea
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*Warning* Raw Moment Alert.. I’ve Been Struggling To Write A “New Year” Post. Saying Goodbye To 2017 And Inviting 2018 To A New Refreshing Start. I Just Wasn’t Feeling It. I’ve Felt Stuck, Conflicted.. Every-Time I Went To Write I Got Overwhelmed And Without Even Realizing, I Began Putting So Many Expectations On 2018.

Only To Have Failed That Too. I’m A Bit Ashamed To Say, I Didn’t Have The Best Start. I Had Unspoken Expectations That Didn’t Come To Flourish. Stealing My Joy & Ringing In The New Year With An Ungrateful Heart.
Then Left To Feeling;

“Is This What This Year Is Gunna Bring Me? Already Failed At The Start, Great One Brandi.” But As I Quieted My Heart Before My Sweet Jesus: He Began To Show Me, Just Because 2017 In Hindsight Wasn’t The “Greatest Year” It Was A Year Of Working On Myself.. & Actually Brought Major Growth Within. And

For That I’m Grateful.
Letting Go Of The Fear That Because I Allowed Caparison + Unmet Expectations Steal My Joy Ringing In The New Year.. Doesn’t Mean I’m Off To A “Bad Year.” It’s Not About How You Start, But The Posture Of How You Choose To Walk In.
2018 Will Bring Many Good Moments, As Well As Not So Easy Ones. Because Life Is Hard!

I Don’t Have To Stress About What To “Resolve” That Will Most Likely End Up Going Out The Window Anyway, But I Choose To Resolve In Perseverance. Committing To Walk In The Spirit – Through The Challenges I’ll Face In This Year, Relationships, Work, Health, My Faith.

In A World That Will Constantly Remind Me Why I’m Not Enough, Or To Much Of This, Or That It’s Simply Not Worth It.

I Resolve To Stand In Victory When Defeat Wants To Knock At My Door.
I Resolve To Have A Heart Of Perseverance When The Feelings Of “Give Up” Sound Better.

I Resolve To Trust My Savior In Whatever He Brings My Way, Knowing His Only Desire Is To Make My Heart Like His.

So For Me, I’m Throwing Resolutions Out The Window And I’m Not Going To Allow The Lie To Creep In; Because I “Failed” At The Start, I’m Disqualified. Therefore, I Won’t Make It To The Finish Line.

I Know My God’s Grace Covers Over The Worlds Scoreboard. And His Vote Is The Only Score That Counts.

So #Hello2018 #Letstrythisagain

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