Scandalous Beauty - Brandi Rea
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Scandalous Beauty

I‘m Going To Talk About Something That I Believe Every Girl, To Some Extant Struggles With.

Have You Ever Had Those Moments Where You Just Stop And Think; “Man, Its Just So Dang Hard To Be A Girl Sometimes?”

In Today’s Generation, With Social Media All Around Us Proclaiming What They Believe Beauty To Be By Portraying The “Perfect Girl, Perfect Body, Perfect Look” Our Minds Get Distorted Into Believing And Buying Into What Man Calls And Claims “Beauty”.

In A World So Enraptured By The Beauty Of The Eyes And The Lust There Of It.

It Tends To Distort Our View Of What True Beauty Really Is.

Yesterday, I Saw A Little Girl Walking Hand In Hand With Her Dad. When She Passed By A Bridal Store, Filled With Gorgeous Wedding Dresses, And Pictures Of Beautiful Models Displayed Throughout The Windows. She Ran And Stopped In Amazement, Staring Within The Window. Gazing Up With Her Little Eyes Beaming, As If She Had Just Seen The Most Beautiful Thing Ever. She Then Turned, Looked At Her Father And Said “Daddy Daddy, Look, She’s So Beautiful.” Her Dad Smiled And Stooped Down To Her Level, As The Little Girl Turned Toward Him Grabbing Her Daddy’s Face Within Her Tiny Hands, Staring Straight Into His Eyes. Her Dad Then Uttered, “Do You Know Whats Beautiful Avery?” He Took His Hand And Pointed It At Her Heart.

Tears Started Filling My Eyes As I Watched This Take Place, All I Wanted To Do Was Run Up To That Man And Hug Him. Telling Him, Although He May Not Realize It Now, In Years To Come As She Grows Up To The Peak Of Her Teenage Years…What An Impact That Will Be On Her.

You See Ladies, To Have The Man In You’re Life Aka Your Father, At Such A Young Age Always Telling You The Truth Of What Real Beauty Is, You Then Won’t Grow Up Searching For “Mans Definition Of Beauty” That Gets Thrown Upon You In This Day And Age, Because You Will Desire A Man Who Sees What Your Father Saw. How He Raised You, Knowing That Being Beautiful Lies Within, Not On How Guys Perceive You On The Exterior.

No Amount Of Make-Up, Weight Loss, Expensive Clothing, Nice Car, Better Hair, Perfect Smile, Could Make You More Beautiful Then That Which Is Within Your Heart And Becoming The Person Your Sweet Jesus Designed You To Be.
I Mean, Let’s Get Real.. Have You Ever Seen An Amazingly Gorgeous Women? I Mean From Head To Toe. You’re Just Like Wow, Dang Diddy She’s Beautiful. But As Soon As She Opens Her Mouth You’re Like “Umm No Sweetheart, Eww” And She In That Instant, In A Matter Of Seconds Became Less Attractive, Why? Because Her Heart Was Gross And Out Of Her Mouth Displayed Something That Wasn’t Beautiful. No Matter How Beautiful She Looked On The Outer.

Or Same Goes The Other Way, You See A Somewhat Attractive Girl, But The More You Get To Know Her And See Her Heart You’re Like “She’s The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Ever Seen” Why? Because Her Heart Is Meek, Mild, Compassionate, Lovely, All Wrapped Up And Filled With Jesus Christ.

I Honestly Think, If We Had A Better Understanding Of Christ And How He Truly Sees Us And His Love For Us. How It Doesn’t Change Or Waver Upon Our Appearance. But Yet He Accepts Us. All Of Us, Just As We Are. I Mean, Hello We ARE His Creation! And He Only Makes Beautiful Things. If We Could Truly Saw Ourselves And Our Worth Through His Eyes, I Believe That How We Perceive Ourselves And Desire To Live Would Change Majorly.

I Know For Me, This Was One Of My Greatest Struggles, I Longed To Be Beautiful And I Strived For It At All Cost. To The Point Of Distorting My Body And Mind, Simply To Be Viewed In The Eyes Of Man As Something “Beautiful” I Began To Find My Worth In What Man Thought Of Me, Rather Then What God Thought Of Me And Saw Me As. This Is A Very Dangerous Place To Be.
Looking Back On It All Now, Simply Breaks My Heart At The Thought Of How

Much Bondage I Was In And Lies That I Had Chosen To Believe.

And Cherished
That Is What You Are.

What If We Actually Believe That We Are Who God Says We Are?! How Our Worlds

Would Change.

I Challenge You With This.. Just As Little Avery’s Dad, Pointed Her Back To Where True Beauty Lies.. I Want To Do The Same With You.
Beauty Is In The Heart Of Who You Are. Please Don’t Miss That. Because How You Believe That To Be True Or Not, Will Determine Your View On What

Beautiful Is.

Don’t Live For A Lie.

“Your Beauty Should Not Come From Outward Adornment, Such As Elaborate Hairstyles And The Wearing Of Jewelry Or Fine Clothes. Rather, It Should Be That Of The Inner Self, The Unfading Beauty Of A Gentle And Quiet Spirit, Which Is Of Great Worth In God’s Sight. 1 Peter 3:3-4