Secret sauce on staying motivated - Brandi Rea
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Secret sauce on staying motivated

Is there a secret sauce to staying motivated?

It’s easy to stay motivated when you start something new. Maybe you’ve made a goal that this was the year you were going to gain a balance life, have a consistent workout routine, eat healthier and be all around happier.

You made a schedule and marked your calendar of all the days you’ll go to the gym. You’ve written up a healthy meal plan, and even block out some time for self care. 

You’re thinking to yourself, “heck yay I’ve got this!”

Sparks are flying high because you want this SO bad.

Fast forward, few weeks go by, or even months and that spark you use to have seems to be getting more and more dim as time goes on. You are now telling yourself, this isn’t worth it.. because of A and B.

What do you do when you don’t see progress, or you have 20 thousand things on your plate and you don’t even know where to start because you feel so overwhelmed, or your inner critic is telling you, “give up because you don’t have what it takes.” or just the simple fact, how to stay motivated when you just aren’t feeling it?

Can anyone relate? 

For me, finding and KEEPING the motivation comes down to two things.

Your why and your attitude/perception.

We can crush our potential in a matter of seconds when we limit our belief in thinking that we can only go so far. 


We won’t step past what WE think is our furtherest stretch because we know for a fact, we can’t go any further. 

Therefore, we gain a limiting perception of what we think we can accomplish. and thats where the getting stuck happens.

The other day I went rock climbing with my babe. 

As I was looking up at all the different stages of rocks to could climb, I found a course I thought I could do. 

I proceeded to try it, only to find myself falling at my first attempt.

Which planted the first little seed of doubt in my head that maybe I couldn’t do this. 

I looked at my babe, and he said, “try it again.” 

So, i did, and fell again.. Which made the seed grow even stronger. 

“Go again.” He said. 

“okay fine” I thought.

Yet, falling for the 3rd time.

“Again” He said. 

I shook my head no.

 “Babe, It’s to hard of a reach, I can’t do it.”

(Hello i just fell three times.. it must be to hard)

“You got this, you can do it.” He told me. 

But in my heart those 3 fails were proof to me that I couldn’t. 

I started to get mad, and took a little break. I’ll just try it next time. 

But he kept pushing (i love/hate when he does that, my stubbornness gets so heated, but I know it’s good for me)

Okay okay okay, I was gunna do it this time. I went for it and to my surprise I MADE IT without falling, this time. 

Going further and yet, a bit further… “oh man, finally.’ I thought. 

“See I knew you could do it.” He yelled.

Almost to the top I began reaching for the other rock, but my hands where slipping and I fell. 

Well, I may not have made it to the top, but guess what? I made it past the part I thought I couldn’t. 

My beliefs were making me stuck, because I couldn’t do it the first try, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t do it. 


My babe knew I could. He believed for me. and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. Once I believed that I could actually do it too, and I wasn’t willing to let my first 3 attempts of failure stop me. IS when the victory came. 

You see, motivation may not always be there, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go a little further.

Motivation will always come and go and if you rely solely on that to keep you going, you’ll never go anywhere.

This is where your why comes in. Finding your why is so important, because when the motivation fades (and it will) you have that to fall back on. 

This is what always lights that spark back up for me. 

Because my why is greater than my fleeing emotions.

Greater than any results can give me.

Greater than allowing my busy schedule to get in the way.

Greater than the limiting beliefs I place on myself. 

If your reason why is greater than your reasons in giving up.. you’ll always find that motivation even if it’s just a tiny spark. 


Don’t allow yourself to hold you back. You are capable of so much more. Keep on trying, keep on struggling. Because thats when the results will come. 

You can achieve more than you think. You are strong, you are brave, you can do this. 

let me be the one to tell you, just as my babe told me,  “again.” 

Try again, and than do it again after that! Don’t stop. 

I believe in you. You got this! Go again.

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