Gaining A Balanced Lifestyle - Brandi Rea
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Gaining A Balanced Lifestyle

I am no longer looking for perfection.

I am no longer showing up because I’m comparing myself with other girls on social media

I am no longer starving to be skinny

sweating my butt off to lose weight

doing a thousand crunches to have that six pack

eating to build the booty

striving for body goals

I am showing up for ME, my health, because I NEED this.

Working out has always been my stress reliever, but at one point it became the very thing I stressed about, if i didn’t get it done.

Finally now, gaining a balance of what it truly means to be healthy. Mentally + physically.

Today, I wanna be that example, showing you there can be a healthy balance. It doesn’t have to be over complicated and something to be anxious about.

Show up everyday for YOU.

Pressing that play button on your workouts to become the BEST version of yourself.

I always think of my future family, how my kids deserve to have a mommy who can be the example of what its like to have a balanced lifestyle.

For my future husband, to have a godly & confident wife, not always stressed and anxious over being perfect, but knowing the beauty that matters most.

and for the outsiders looking in, to be the example of leadership on whats truly important, to be able to show you, it possible to be happy and live well because your taking take of yourself. Mind + body + soul.

However, there are times and moments within the day, that I do need this reminder of my WHY

show up today for YOU

Become the best you, you can be.

You will never regret a workout, or investment spent into making your heart at ease and free to smile. Because your confident + strong in whom God created you to be.

If you need help getting started. #messageme I have some great workouts + eating guides for you!

Lets be better together!

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